Monday, July 2, 2012

random pack break

While in Target yesterday, I perused the card aisle as usual.

Often times I'll check out the discounted packs and usually come up short but not this time.

Among the many packs of Twilight, Justin Bieber and various assorted 'dog tags' packs, I came across this:
Yep. A single random pack of 2007 Bowman Heritage. Quite odd. Where was this hiding?

Let's see what we got:
Ivan here is the only superstar of the pack. He had quite a career and I definitely see Cooperstown calling him.

Brandon Webb, a Travis Buck (looking very happy) rookie and Felipe Lopez.

Here are the two required prospects and I don't believe I've heard from either of them again. It is Bowman so I have to expect some no name players.

My shiny and somewhat thicker parallel, Chase Wright. Dunno if he went anywhere either although I feel I do know the name.

But the real highlight of the pack comes here:
A black bordered Nick Markakis. He's a young talent on a quite good Orioles team this year. This card is numbered 16/52 and apparently is a 1:97 packs pull. Not too shabby.

Take a look through the discount packs next time you're at Target, you never know what you'll find.


  1. Love this set. I've busted a lot of this product and only pulled two of the black parallels. Nice work.

  2. How much of a discount was it?

  3. I believe retail on these packs were $2.99 and it was discounted to $1.59. About half off is pretty good for Bowman Heritage.

  4. I recently saw some late 2000 something UD SP packs in that $1.59 box at Target. Love looking through there.

  5. I think Chase Wright is best known for giving up 4 straight home runs in his debut.

  6. Ted, I'd love to have that Markakis black border. Could you set it aside for me?

  7. That's two nice pulls in a row. It's time for you to head to Vegas and ride that hot streak.