Friday, July 13, 2012

ginter is a bust

I picked up a box of Ginter yesterday. I hadn't really planned on it but then I remembered I busted a box in '10 and '11, so I felt a little more obligated to grab one. Ok, so I didn't need to but the boxes I usually grab throughout the year are series 1, 2 and Update and Ginter. Although this year I did not pick up a series 2 box.

Anyway. The box was pretty run of the mill, nothing spectacular. I did manage to get most of the base cards I wanted, minus the Griffey and Aaron. I do still need a few Jays too although I did manage the Lowrie rookie plus a Harper rookie, so thats good.

Here are the hits:
The Young boys, oddly enough. Standard single color relics from Ginter

Plus a silk card of Brandon Phillips, numbered 02/10. I suppose this counts as my third hit even though it's not technically one. Oh well, thats Topps for you.

I'm not chasing a set, inserts or otherwise, so I have some cards for trade.


  1. I think the silk is awesome!

    And I am in love with the black border hits too.

    The base and inserts need something fresh. I'm not sure what, but its getting stale.

  2. nice pull on the silk! and I still owe you an e-mail for the Kershaw black and whatever else you were kind enough to set aside for me.

  3. I'll trade for the Michael Yoing. I'll see if I pull any Jays in my box.

  4. I'd like that silk! I'm planning on chasing all the minis so I'd appreciate a shot at trading for any you don't want.

  5. Please tell me that "this box was a bust" was sarcasm. Those silks are pretty tough pulls, some going for upwards of $300. Even if you didn't want it, you should be able to flip that silk into another whole box of something fairly easily.

  6. When you get a list together of your base Ginters, give me a buzz. Looking to build the base set and that's more or less it this year. Not sure what you're trading for these days, as your want list is sparse, but we'll probably be able to figure something out.