Sunday, May 27, 2012

diggin' the archives

I know the LAST thing you want to see is another post about 2012 Topps Archives but I figured I'd share the results of my box.

On Wednesday, I asked my local shop when he anticipated Archives to be in and he responded that they would be in after 11AM, meaning right when he opened. I was at work and as the day went on, I had pretty much talked myself out of buying a box. I did however go to Target and saw they had Archives surprisingly on the shelves. Really, it takes my local Target weeks to get new product. So I grabbed a blaster.

What I found was that I really enjoy the set as a whole. Fun inserts, nice base cards, etc. I really like that they have no gloss or foil on any of the base cards, as it isn't needed. I suppose one complaint could be that they should have used a Heritage stock, to give it that old time feel but we know Topps has been taking the cheap route to produce things lately (see: Gypsy Queen). I know anyone who prominently bought Topps Baseball in the 80's is sick of that wrapper but I really like the nod to the era with the pack design.

After busting the blaster, I decided to head down to the local shop and grab a box. I won't bother with the base cards but here are the two autos:
Funny thing was that these came out of my first (Buhner) and third (Luzinski) packs.

Out of the fourth pack, this fell out:
Hey a plate! Not too shabby at 1:777 odds. I have already sold the plate on eBay, in fact I posted it that night.

I didn't stop there though. I ended up grabbing 12 more packs (half a hobby box) and ended up with these:
Both the autos from the box. Good names too.

Plus this:
A relic! Relics fall 1:120 and couldn't have been of a more appropriate player for me to pull.

Overall I really like the set and will be collecting it. All 240, so the short prints are needed. I'll have a list up soon and I have plenty of doubles for anyone looking to complete their set.


  1. Holy Cow! Congratulations on beating the odds... and then some.

  2. oh, i like the luzinski. if only 1978 topps were one of the designs used in the set i might be singing a different tune about it. nice pulls.

  3. You had some great luck on those! Congrats.

  4. I'm jealous on the Bell relic...very nice pull!!

  5. Sweet George Bell relic! What did you get for the printing plate?

  6. I got two hobby boxes and got a Groat auto in each one! Luckily I have a trade destination for it already.

  7. Hey Ted, Thanks for the cards from the draft(I finally opened them last night). I didn't realize Topps tribute cards came in such a crazy thick case. I have a few extra archives. I'm probably just going for the base set minus the shortprints so i'd be willing to trade what i have.