Wednesday, May 9, 2012

check out

In case you haven't noticed I've completely checked out. I lost my interest in collecting for the time being, probably until series 2 comes out in early June.

I'm not sure what it is really. Maybe there is just a lot going on right now. Or I'm completely turned off by new sets. Who knows.

So I'm on a bit of a blogging hiatus.

I'm still reading, trading and the like, I just don't have much to say up here. I seem to get this way around this time of year for some odd reason, even though I should be fully focussed on baseball, seeing as how it is the beginning of the season.

I am still watching games and paying attention to the sport, I'm just burnt out on cards.

Break guys I haven't forgotten about you, I'm going to the post office tomorrow. I've been under the weather all week and It's been slowing me down on all fronts (I even left work early last week, three days towards the end of the week).

I haven't bought anything since my grossly disappointing Gypsy Queen blaster when that came out, with the exception of one card.

Behold, my 100 year old boner:

I won it on a whim, as I searched for '1909 t206' on eBay and ending shortly was a guy who had a bunch of Hall of Famers and significant players from the T206 set. Merkle was ending in about 25 minutes so I threw in a bid and I won. It came today. Great card of a very interesting player from baseball's historic past.

I'll be back, hopefully sooner than later but for now, I just need some time to regroup.


  1. Sounds like you've got a touch of the SewingMachineGuy flu.

    I think it's normal for us collectors to have high and low periods. I went hog wild in my return to the hobby last year on the purchasing front and realized I didn't like that - I wasn't getting anywhere - so I've scaled it way back to vintage, favorite players and the like and the hobby has become infinitely more sustainable for me.

  2. Yep your not alone, there have been quite a few bloggers slowing down or just disappearing. Will be here when you get your mojo back though. Anywho, I was curious what back the Merkle has. And oddly this is the second time I've asked about a card back today.

  3. Wow, when I started reading your post, I thought it was me that was writing it. I'm in the same boat as you. Just too much going on right now to focus on cards.

  4. still think you should write a column on how a connecticutt guy gets to be a blue jay fan

  5. That Merkle card is righteous dude. I've been shopping for one of his cards for a long time.

  6. Take your time, hug your ducky and come back to us all Crinkly again. Sweet Merkle by the way, and I mean that in the nicest way.

  7. Nice boner, I mean Merkle. Maybe A&G will get people excited again. The previews looked good.