Monday, April 30, 2012

break, wrap-up

A big thanks to you three who participated in the break and I hope you all had some fun.

I'll be sending these cards out to you within the week but first I need an email from each one of you, with your address and top two favorite teams. I will be adding in the bonus stuff based on these teams. Brad you sent an email with your address but I need teams and Derek, I know you're a Braves guy but I need an address. Mike I need both teams and address.

I'll make it good stuff too. Some old stuff, some new stuff, some shiny stuff. You know.

Maybe I can get the want to get some regular posting done because I sure don't have it right now. There is pretty much nothing interesting me in the card world right now. The 1971 set has come to a screeching halt. I'm buying zero new product (Gypsy Queen was a total letdown if you ask me) and pretty much won't be until Series 2 hits. No I don't care that Harper is in it but I also don't mind that Topps is doing it either. Harper can sure drive a product to sell and thats what Topps does, sell cards. Sell cards to make money. It's the simplest explanation that people seem to forget.

Many collectors flock to Harper's stuff and Topps knows this so they cater to it. We all saw it in 2010 when Strasburg was in everything. Should we not buy a product because either of these two are in them and Topps is pushing them both really hard? No. Buy the stuff. If you get something of theirs, sell it! By all means sell it. If someone wants to pay $100 for your Harper 661 SP from series 2, let them! It certainly won't be worth more than that EVEr so do it while you can.

Anyway, enough rant. Maybe I'll drop my GQ disappointment post soon. Who knows.

Anyway, thanks you three and look for your cards soon!

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  1. I'm kind of in the same spot in the hobby. Last year I was totally in love with GQ but this year it was okay. I had fun opening a box and getting rid of almost all of it. My main focus right now is my Prado collection and trimming down my other stuff. I've been in a few breaks like this and they've been fun too. Thanks for hosting.