Friday, June 8, 2012

come on topps...

I found me some series 2 packs at Walmart today.

I didn't get anything of note except while shuffling through the cards, I noticed a familiar name:

No, you're not looking at Wade Davis' card from series 1 (card 48) on the left and his team set issue on the right.

The card on the right is from series 2, card number 578. Meaning Topps must really be thinking high on his performance to put him into both series 1 and 2.

Then there's an issue with card 395, being given to both Rod Barajas and Jonathan Lucroy. Except that some of the Barajas cards are numbered correctly, at card 391.

What is going on? Really, how do these errors happen in this day and age? The computers do all the work!

Sigh, Topps at it again...

Also, Jafronius, if you catch this, you sent me a comment yesterday and I tried to reply in an email but it didn't get sent out. Please send me an email and we'll make a deal.


  1. As if the numbering on the Barajas cards wasn't enough, I heard that some of the correctly-numbered #391 copies of it were printed upside-down.

    Barajas must've gotten on the bad side of someone at Topps for all that to happen.

  2. This has to be either on purpose or quality control is worse than ever. The same player in two different series has been happening for at least six years now. If they wanted to fix it, they would. Maybe they don't care. But it just looks stupid.

  3. Thanks for the tip on the numbering, I was just putting together my set from my Jumbo box. I did get both #395s and to Nick's point my #391 is upside down. Pretty lame Topps!

  4. Upside down? Seriously, it screams of laziness. I really have a hard time understanding what is going on over there. It's not like they have to rush the sets to market to beat a competitor. What is the freakin' deal??

  5. Honestly, to me having a misnumbering is not as big of a deal. That's happened before and as long as you know about it, you know you might have to put the fake 395 at 391 for your set.

    But the two Wade Davis cards is much worse. That means they missed getting another player in there for a set that's already got fewer than I would like due to set size and subsets.

  6. I think Topps is just readying themselves for some super short-printed variation cards to put into 2061 Heritage.