Thursday, March 8, 2012

rounding third... (mailday and clarification)

I'm rounding third and seeing home plate. The 1973 set is practically under wraps with the latest package:
This one is the Check out my Cards package. I needed 14 cards, they only had 11. Fine still because these were cheap being that they're high numbers. Hopefully I can seek out those final three come Saturday, like I previously mentioned.

This also came today:
Look familiar? If you read It's Like Having My Own Card Shop it should. Dan Posted this up on his blog and I expressed interest. I shot him over some possible cards he may like (some Diamondbacks hits) and he wanted a Daniel Hudson auto relic I had and off it went. This will look nice next to my blue border parallel in my Jays auto binder. Thanks Dan!

As for the clarification.

The poll I put up on the blog yesterday, determining which set I should chase next (1971 or 1975) is set to determine which one I chase first. I want to finish them both and will pick up cards for both at shows, eBay and the local shop when applicable. I really like both sets but the poll will end up picking which set I dive into the hardest. Meaning I'll be picking up cards here and there for both this month but once April hits and the poll ends, I'll put one aside and focus all my effort on the winner. Which right now is 1971 by double (20 to 10) that of the '75. No surprise really. Some of you just want to make it difficult for me or think it's just a better set. I don't mind the difficulty though and feel it will present a nice challenge but not impossible or wallet shattering. I did win a great auction last night for almost criminally cheap and can't wait to get the cards.

The show this weekend is the one held at the high school in the next town. It's actually held most of the year, monthly (not when school isn't in session in the summer) and was the first show I attended when getting back into collecting back in early 2010. It's usually a good time and my goals are to find those three cards, pretty much no matter the cost (which isn't much by the way) and to hit the dime boxes. I had such great luck last show I plan on doing it again. Maybe if I can find some good and cheap 71's and 75's I'll grab them too.

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  1. Glad you like the Romero Auto. I love the Hudson duel relic auto! Thanks for the trade!