Friday, March 16, 2012

heritage results

So I know you're all dying to know what I got in my 2012 Heritage blasters.

Well first off, I'd like to mention that I really like this year's set. The 1963 set is a fun and super colorful design that works really well. If I weren't down on collecting Heritage, I'd probably try to put it together. I like it a ton better than last year's set.

Now, The picture I showed in yesterday's post showed three blasters. I bought the middle one on Tuesday and opened it that night. I picked up the other two on my way home from work Thursday but decided to do a post on all three results. Like I mentioned, I was really surprised Wal-Mart had them day one. My store never has any set day one.

Anyway, on with the busts.

Box 1:
Three short prints and a blue border. The Chromes are normal but the stickers are new. They're kind of weird. Maybe I should just stick random floating head stickers of baseball players around the house and see how long it takes my wife to think I've lost it.

Box 2:
The best card of this set here? The Early Wynn. I haven't pulled a Wynn card in maybe ever and it's great to see him here. Three more short prints and another blue. The pack with the Tex Chrome actually had the base card in it as well, a literal cardboard nightmare to those who really dislike him. Oh yeah, the Halladay is cool too. And a panda sticker!

Box 3:
This blaster was loaded. Three short prints, a blue, two flashbacks, a Mariano floating head, a Jeter and a relic! All it was missing is the Chrome card but hey, I'll take the relic instead.

Overall I'm very impressed with the set. I love the look and feel and it really captures the 1963 set well. Heritage rarely disappoints in general and this year is no exception. I won't complete the set and may not even purchase much more (more on that in a second) but I like what I'm seeing here.

I was at the local shop today and he had Heritage in stock. Good price on boxes too but I resisted. Instead I picked up 70 cards that I needed for my 1971 set. Plus it was cheaper than the box! The only reason I'm even bothering to mention this is because it's simply the first time I've done it. I took the route to help my 1971 set as opposed to picking up the new stuff. I'm always tempted by the new boxes/packs and such but this time I really resisted. Felt kinda weird but great for my set (got the Seaver and Marichal to name two).


  1. The Tex pulls would be my nightmare. One of my least favorite players. I'm busting a Heritage blaster as we speak--err..write.

  2. Nice pulls and congrats on the 71 purchase. I just bought a few 74s towards my set earlier in the week.

    Are the Panda Sticker and Freddy Sanchez Blue border for trade by chance?

  3. i agree wit ya on that early wynn pull.