Tuesday, March 20, 2012

the graded reveal

Remember this:

I mentioned I picked up a graded vintage card and wanted you guys to guess who it was. Well, the time has come to reveal who it is and who wins the contest!

Now, normally I'm not into graded cards and this card is no exception. BUT, the price was definitely right and it's a card of a player we all have but probably not a vintage card of. My first card of his playing days and most collectors seem to agree that everyone should have an original.

Well, I do now:

My first vintage Mantle. It's beat and graded a 1 but who cares? It's Mickey!

1966 wasn't the best year for the Yankees and the Mick. They finished last in the American League (70-89), the first time since 1912. Mickey did have a personal accomplishment that season though. He passed Lou Gehrig on the all-time list for home runs in July. He would only be two seasons away from retirement when the '66 season drew to a close.

Now, pulling Mantles from packs these days has been terribly diluted by Topps over the past 6 years but there's definitely something special about an original. It, like many other vintage cards, has a certain charm that newer cards have seemed to have lost. I still haven't cracked it from the case but may in the near future.

So who got it right? Jason C. and Steve D. both guessed correctly. Jason wins the manu-prize and Steve, I'll have something for you as well. Both of you guys shoot me an email and I'll pick out some stuff for you to pick from. Thanks to everyone who guessed!


  1. Awesome card! I agree, everyone should have a Mantle. Who cares about the condition!?

  2. Even though the Twins blood that runs through me tells me to hate all things Yankees, any vintage Mantle is good Mantle, no matter its grade.

  3. Nice pick up. Is it difficult to de-slab?

  4. Everyone DOES have a Mantle, thanks to Topps!

    (I have a checklist with Mantle on it -- that's about as vintagey as I'll ever get with him).