Monday, March 5, 2012

down to the wire

I'm severely closing in on completion of the 1973 set.

These came today:
This puts me at needing just 14 cards. The leaders card completes series 1 (1-132), the World Series card completes series 2 (133-264) and Ben Oglivie completes series 3 (265-396). I have located the ten blue checklists I need from an eBay seller at a good price. They tend to be tough to find, as I think they were sendaways and I'm sure few kids did back then. I have 11 more cards coming from Check Out My Cards, that I also got for a great price. After those come, I'll be down to three cards to put the cap on the set. I have also decided which set I'll be chasing next but you'll have to wait just a little bit and I'll make a formal announcement once the '73 is wrapped up.

1 comment:

  1. Wow! I hope to be that close one day. It's been very slow going with my set. Not that I mind, I didn't expect it to go quick. I've only been concentrating on the cheaper cards for now until I get a little closer. Let me know which 3 you need, I don't have very many high numbers, but you never know.