Sunday, April 22, 2012

trade time

Jim over at GCRL and I completed our first trade. I sent him some 1971's he needed, as we're both working on the set, along with some Dodgers.

In return, he sent one heck of a box of cards.

There were a big stack of Jays, along with cards from my various collections; batting pitchers, broken bats, team cards, stickers, retired players, the lost goes on. Also included were 5 cards for my 71 set as well. He definitely put a lot of time and effort into what he sent.

There's so much going on in the box, that I decided to show the top two of the box:
A Jimmy Key IP auto. I have a couple Key autos but this one is really cool because it's on the All-Time Fan Favorites card, which as a set intrigues me. I've always kind of liked this set and wished it would come back.

The next card just blew me away and was hiding at the bottom:

A 1952 Topps Larry Doby. Doby is one of the players I collect and having a few of the reprints of this card, I always wanted an original and thanks to Jim, I have one. Just incredible and I definitely owe him a little something for these. This also marks my second Hall of Famer from 1952 Topps (remember the Mize from a few weeks back).

A huge thanks to Jim for the great trade and you'll be seeing something from me soon!

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  1. Sweet Doby. I've traded with GCRL in the past, and he does put together a really thoughtful trade package.