Saturday, April 21, 2012

card show report

I went to the card show today with the intention of finding some 71's I needed for my set. I noticed the guy I had wanted to hit up wasn't there today. Such the disappointment.


I did not walk out empty handed. The opposite in fact. Remember the dime box finds I had from the last time this show took place? The massive amount of retired players and rookies and such I picked up?

Well, that dealer is a mainstay at this show and I hit his boxes again. I had a slightly different agenda today once I started pulling out what I was.


Rookies galore I picked up from him and it was about a third of what I grabbed from him. I got approximately 180 cards from him total. I picked up some more retired guys from the same sets as last time, a couple players I collect and some great vintage (from his vintage quarter box). The vintage was filler for my Topps binder. I had a few holes in the 50's and 60's stuff I needed to fill and I almost finished the binder.

The best part though and the biggest steals, were the rookies. Here is a small sampling:

Yes, FIVE Kershaw rookies. That Jay Bruce? I found three. Two Longorias, two Gonzalez (plus a different one) and a couple more I didn't scan. Two Piazzas, two Mauers, a Morneau, Russ Martin, David Price, David Wright, Andrew McCutchen, the list goes on. Great stuff for a dime each and impossible to pass up.

On a final note, I plan on emailing the three of you who entered into the break. I am going to go on with it but with no one else wanting to enter, it'll be you three. Expect an email soon, with details on how I plan to go about it.

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  1. Just wanted to check and see if I missed the email, not showing up?