Tuesday, April 17, 2012

draft break details

I've gone through my cards today and yesterday and came up with my Draft details.

I'll work it just like I did the past few times.

I'll post a scan of the cards available and the participants choose which card they like, in the order for that particular round.

I've pulled the cards and divided them up into said rounds.

Here are the details:

12 rounds;

2 manu-relic rounds,
3 autograph rounds,
7 relic rounds:
vv vv
consisting of:

4 single relic rounds
1 numbered relic round
1 multi-relic/oddball round (not oddball per say, just stuff that doesn't fit elsewhere
1 serial numbered, multi-relic/auto round

Cost will be $40 for FIVE entrants. Yes, entry will be extremely limited but it will be worth the cost I can assure you. In that cost will be shipping plus what ever else I add as a bonus (I'm thinking vintage cards, good rookies, etc.).

By leaving it at five entrants, it is keeping the concentration high per entrant of getting great things. Plus five is a ton more manageable right now.

Here is a spoiler of what's involved:


Leave a comment below saying you're in. Again, I can only accept the first five to sign up. I have absolutely ZERO wiggle room to get another person in here, unlike previous breaks. Once you're in and good to go, send the payment to my email address (krustytheclown138ATyahooDOTcom) via Paypal, using the 'gift' option. Once I have all five participants, I'll make an announcement and start the show.

I'm looking forward to another enjoyable break!

1. daddyohoho (paid)
2. brad's blog (paid)
3. dhill (paid)


  1. I would like one of the spots

    1. Money has been sent.. I know we've traded before but my address has changed I will have to e-mail you my new one

  2. Are you going to post the full list of cards that are available?