Tuesday, April 10, 2012

card show saturday

Yes, I'm late posting my show results but I'm trying to get back into the swing of things here on the old blog here.

I've been focused on vintage as of late and especially my 1971 set. If you've taken a look at my progress on the right, you'll notice that I finished up series 1 and 2 and pretty much series 3 as well. I've also gotten enough of the final series (series 6) to actually post which ones I do need as opposed to which I have.

At the show I picked up nothing but 71's.

Well, with the exception of a lone older card, which you'll see shortly. Uhh, unless you cheat and acroll down to see it but don't do that, read on!

Like I said, I hit the 1971 list hard, being able to check off 46 more cards from the want list.

Here are a couple of the better players:
Well, two players and a manager, who was one of the best players ever. Works for me.

I was able to add about 8 high numbers to my set. The majority of the cards I grabbed Saturday were to finish or dent the first three series and tackling a bit of the fourth. When I spotted a high number for say, a buck, I grabbed it.

I think it worked out to a good day. This was the show at Meriden high school, where the dime boxes aren't really present. The other show (in two weeks at the Plainville VFW) is the better dime box show.

So the last card I picked up was pretty much on a whim. The guy had a bunch of cards and had them half of what he had them marked at. I felt for the price this card seemed worth it:
He had $30 on it, meaning I paid $15. I'll take it. Not every day you can get a Hall of Famer from 1952 Topps for such a low price. Sure its creased but as always, who cares?

This card, along with Nick's post, has inspired my own 'condition threshold' post, which I'll do in the next few days. I picked up a card that would make many collectors cry in their cereal. Stay tuned.


  1. Dime boxes or no dime boxes, those are some terrific finds! I'd be extremely happy with those if I were to snag them at a show.

    Love the three '71s as well, especially the Billy Williams. The Mize for $15 is an absolute steal as well! As you said, a '52 of a HOFer at that price isn't something you see every day.

  2. The Mize card is amazing! I'll have to see if I can pick one up sometime for my players holding multiple bats collection.

  3. That Tommy John is GORGEOUS! The white stirrups with the blue sanitaries. I really liked those uniforms.

  4. I love the Mize card as well, I agree that was a steal for $15, great pickup.

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