Wednesday, February 15, 2012

baseball cards around the world- part 3 (of 4)

Part three of my 'Baseball cards around the world' series of posts.

If you missed the first two parts they are here (1) and here (2).

This set also comes from Japan. It's a commemorative set put out by BBM showcasing the 2006 Central League Champions, the Chunichi Dragons. It is a 45 card set and appears to have every player on the team included.

1 Manager
17 Pitchers
2 Catchers
10 Infielders
6 Outfielders
9 Season Highlights Cards

Lets take a look at what they look like:
The base cards. Nice design, fairly simple. Backs follow suit as well. These are the same quality as the 2002 BBMs I showed in post two. A few familiar names I picked out to showcase here.

One of the season highlights cards. It appears they highlight significant games on their road to the championship.

There is this too:
Apparently you have some odds on getting a game used jersey card in one of these boxes. I got a dummy card plus this faux dummy card of what they jersey cards should look like. What a tease!

The final portion of the posts will highlight the cards that led to the purchase of these cards and the inspiration that lead to me wanting to post about them.

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  1. Nice! I watched these guys play in 2006. Go Dragons!