Monday, February 20, 2012

shopkeep trading

Remember the now infamous Babe Ruth "bat" card I pulled from Tier One?

This one:
Well, the local shop owner wanted me to bring it by so he could scan it and put it on Facebook. What he likes to do is post up big hits that were pulled in the store. It's cool to see what people get in their boxes and packs.

I strolled on down yesterday afternoon with the card and gave it to him to scan. Then he went on to show me this huge autograph collection he had just picked up a few days ago. Filled with good stuff too. Some Yankees that will do great (Jeter, Posada, Rivera), some rookies and stars (Verlander, Ryan Howard, Lincecum) and some other neat stuff.

I decided to pull some stuff out and see what he would want for them. He looked through what I grabbed and asked if I brought anything to trade (he loves to trade). I said no, unless he wanted the Ruth. He was very interested, so for the Ruth and a little cash, here is what I got:
The Molitor pin is obviously from 2012 and he had just traded for it the day before, with me in mind. I didn't even know there was a Jay included, although I should have guessed, I mean they did win two World Series after all. The pins are fantastic and are the best manu-relic set from this year, or even the past few years, in my opinion.

On to the autos though. The Tulos make number 4 and 5 for me. Great to add a Markakis and Ethier to my budding young superstar auto collection. The Aaron Hill is my second (or third, I forget), Reed Johnson and Accardo make up the final two Jays autos.

Hey, if his customers want to take the relic at face value, then I'm all for it. It was the second Ruth I pulled in my collecting so I didn't mind letting it go for the goodness above.