Monday, December 13, 2010

the other four red hots

Here are the four other Red Hot Rookies that I was set to receive. They all came in the mail today, in four individual packages. Amusingly enough, my wife had to sign for the Strasburg, as it was sent Certified Mail. Just him though. The envelope was the same, and I had no idea why she had to sign for it until I opened it. I found it very amusing. Like I had mentioned, I have two of the Tabata card. He was number 2, and somehow I pulled two of the redemptions.

Two more 54's came today too:

The guy I won the Ford from I also won a McGwire 1985 Topps rookie for $1.04. Not too shabby.

Also an update on the Update set, the guy finally sent me the missing cards from the master set I had bought from him, thus completing my 2010 Update set. Thats about it for now. Anyone else get their Red Hot Rookies yet?

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