Monday, December 27, 2010

its 'snow' fun

As some of you in the south and in New York have experienced, I am currently snowed in. Lots of wind, snow and unplowed roads...oh, and no work. Only because the boss said not to worry about it today due to us not being behind in our printing. The other back story to this post is while I am at shows, I'll pick up some random old packs just to save for a rainy (snowy) day. Well, here we are. Let the wax fly! Here is what I picked today, something I have never opened before:

1981 Donruss. Have I ever mentioned how bad this set is photography-wise? The actual card design isn't horrible, but the photos sure are. Blurry action shots, blurry close-ups. Every card looks as if it was taken with a Kodak instant camera. Well, here is what I got:

Some good names there; Gary Carter, Carl Yastrzemski (twice, two different cards), Jim Rice, Andre Dawson, Dennis Eckersley. Had I opened this pack in '81, I would have been the big kid on the block....maybe. If you notice, the pack only held Red Sox and Expos. Weird collation, but not for Donruss, who are notorious for weird collation. I got a pack of 1988 Donruss once and it was 15 cards in numerical order. Oh yeah, there was one more card in the pack, but unfortunately he didn't make it out alive:

Too bad too, Dwight Evans is a solid 1981 pull. Silly gum, maybe thats why they went with puzzles. I have seen 1981 Donruss before but have never had the 'thrill' of opening up a pack and overall I guess I can't be too disappointed due to the names I grabbed but its a pretty lame set.


  1. You must have received the "Vermont Special" packs. I think I'm kidding.

    I bought a box of 1988 Donruss jumbo packs and the collation was rotten. I've never seen so many Les Lancasters in my life!!

  2. Fleer and Donruss went with gum in 1981 and then Topps sued the pants off of both of them, which is why Donruss ended up with puzzles and Fleer went back to what they do best - stickers.