Tuesday, April 26, 2011

oh boy...

...I knew it was going to come to this. When the sell sheets for 2011 Heritage first appeared, I glanced them over and took a look at all the cool stuff awaiting our grubby collecting hands. Hey relics are always fun and an autograph of Ernie Banks or Hank Aaron would be frikkin' sweet too. There was, however, one "relic" (uhh...no) that I wanted to avoid, this:

The coin card. Man, how I didn't ever want to pull one of these in a box I bought. I'm glad I didn't. Well, until today. Although I didn't buy a box of Heritage, I did pick up a Wally-Mart $15 box. You know the one with the two hobby Heritage, two code cards (more on that in a second), and five packs of 2011 series 1. Oh the refractor too. I got Ruth, very nice (not sarcasm). The series 1 packs didn't yield anything of note but the Heritage had this. I got a little excited because I kinda felt that the pack was a tad thicker and I felt the sides (is that how those dirty pack searchers do it?) and noticed that there was an extremely thick card inside. How disappointed I was. I was certainly glad that I hadn't paid full price for a box and gotten this nonsense as a hit. Sure its 1:263, but who cares? When I say thick, I mean THICK. It is equal to six Heritage cards, which are thicker already and is equal to nine, yes NINE series 1 cards. Coin cards....Why? I have coins from the 1950s in my coin cup just waiting to be spent on morning coffee. Why do this to us? I mean sure, it's a novelty and isn't that what baseball cards are in general? But for this to take the place of a regular hit, man, I'd be the flippin' out type of mad. Maybe if they left these to just players from that era only and left these events cards alone (that already have a subset, mind you), then maybe it would be alright. Well, I certainly don't want it, so it will make it's way to the 'non-baseball player' section of my trade bait. That's a fun section, wait until you see some of those.

Oops...I posted this without realizing that I forgot to mention the NOTHING I got out of the code cards. 1988 Kirby Puckett is the highlight. I'm a fan of Kirby so it is hard to be mad but 1988 is not what I'm looking for. Me=done with Diamond Giveaway. I've gotten nothing but crapola so I'm throwing in the towel.


  1. I pulled a Killebrew Quarter card out of one of these and was quite pleased. I agree I'd be a little upset to open a case of this stuff and pull a Navy Seal coin card, though.

  2. Although I have yet to post on the topic, my Naval service is leading to me wanting any Navy cards. Set it aside for me and I'll hook you up Blue Jay style.

  3. The Navy Seals are activated. Is that like Thunderbirds are go? That cards needs to be done in supermarionation style. (Perhaps I'm showing my age here.)

  4. Have to say I like the coin cards, but odd sets like this keep me interested