Sunday, April 17, 2011

my collection of non-card autos

I don't have too much in the way of autographed items that aren't cards. Well, today's post is going to focus on those few such items. Shall we?

I'll start with the one item you may be familiar with:

The Griffey ball/UD rookie. Still probably my favorite.

Vernon Wells ball.

Vernon Wells mini helmet. Yes, those are Lego ninjas hiding underneath on the left and a Lego baseball player on the right.

Aaron Hill ball.

Jimmy Key ball.

Cal Ripken Jr. ball. This one is cool because it is on an All-Star ball from 1991, which was played in Toronto, which Cal played in.

I know, short but sweet. With only sic items so far it is a terribly small collection when compared to some of you guys. I haven't been big into the autographed ball/items/etc. thing but that may change someday. It's a start though.


  1. All of my autos are on cards. I want to start collecting autographed balls but they are so expensive.

  2. Nice collection... building a collection of autographed baseballs is one of the things I want to start working on.

    That Wells autographed helmet is awesome! I'd love to collect autographed helmets, but i just don't have the room.