Tuesday, April 12, 2011

hey look!

A post about baseball cards!

Well I managed to make it through a small rough patch intact. While the slow work period isn't over, it is not as bad as I had thought it might be. Leaving me a little room to grab some packs. I headed over to the local card shop and wanted to try something a little different. I went with 2009 Topps Ticket to Stardom. You know, they look like this:

While the base set isn't all that spectacular, the hobby box does promise three hits. I got two out of the seven packs I picked up (I picked up one 2011 Heritage too, netted me one short print I needed):

The Braun is an actual ticket plus a jersey piece. Obviously the Tulo is an auto jersey. The Tulo makes a great addition to my new found want to collect him. He will be the only active non Blue Jay that I collect. He has a very promising start to his career and I'm sure he will only get better in time. I don't feel compelled to buy too much more of this set with the base set being kinda boring (2009 wasn't Topps best year for card designs...yeesh) but I am happy with these two cards.

I do still need Heritage and still have a stack waiting for someone with a needs list. Lemme know!


  1. Any chance you got a #220 Michael Bowden? He is the last one I need.

  2. I liked the ticket cards from this product and football's TX Exclusives. Had their Super Bowl tickets been hard signed... this would have been as close to perfection for my taste.

    Congrats on the Braun and Tulo... nice pulls.

  3. Sweet Tulo and good luck on the new collection. I don't really like that he is so popular with collectors though. I long for the days with a lot of Rockies that no one collected. It was a lot cheaper on us team collectors. hehe

  4. I've always liked this set for some reason. I know the base design is a little bland, but I have so much already that I decided the other day to build the set. I keep saying I'll buy a hobby box at some point too. Still waiting for the price to come back down to the $50-55 price range.