Thursday, January 12, 2012

trade winds blowin' again

Jeff from over at Cardboard Catastrophes and I initiated a trade a little while back, revolving around the 1973 Topps set. He is chasing the set as well and I let on that I had a bunch of duplicates. He was interested but didn't have any 1973's to send back. It was perfectly alright though as he offered up some other goodies that were of interest. Take a look:
The Clemente is a '73 and he somehow ended up with two. This one is in way better shape than the one I already have, even with the pen marks on the back. A nice smattering of Kimballs towards my set (down to 19 needed!) and a few Update cards too (down to one!). I have some more Update on the way from another trade so that will be finished soon! The Burnett and Romero relics are good too, as I have neither. In fact the Romero is my first 'keeper' relic from Lineage that I got. I do have the Burnett but it's a bat relic, so I consider this a different card. The Gibson Diamond is cool too, as are any. I decided to scan in the Gallery Jays as opposed to the few other he sent due to the fact that I don't see them that often. I have very little Gallery from ANY year, so when I get it, I'm always appreciative. Seems like a nice couple of sets but I wasn't collecting back then so I had no idea about them until recently. There was also a Tom Seaver short print variation from Update along with a few other Legend Variation parallels in there too. It was all great Jeff, thanks a ton! You'll have the rest of your Update set and a nice healthy stack of 73's plus some other stuff on the way to you soon!


  1. I've got plenty of the Topps Gallery. I won an auction for a couple 800 count boxes of cards off EBay. I was only interested in the box of Heritage, so if you, or anyone else, wants to start on that Gallery set, I'd be glad to send some along. Although, the box was heavy on duplicates, so I could provide about 1/4 to 1/3 of the base set.

    Wait a minute? UD put out an A.J. Burnett bat relic card? He's a pitcher. An *American League* pitcher. That is just.....odd.

  2. Yeah, I just looked at them both side by side and they are from the same set but numbered differently and with a different picture. Most of the reason I wanted it was due to it being a bat relic from an American League pitcher. Quite a rare find. Not that its valuable, just very unorthodox.