Tuesday, August 30, 2011

another possible break

The household is in one piece. Irene didn't hit us nearly as hard as it could have, thankfully. I do hope that everyone who did experience worse than we did up here is doing good and are all unharmed.

Now, I may have an idea for another break. This would probably be my final one for a little while due to the good stuff running low. I want to make it a good one though:

Uhh...not sure why they are sideways but you get the idea. The cost this time would be $60 but I'll have four entrants and each of them can pick one of these. They all book (yes, Beckett) at over $100. Sure book value is meaningless but it is just there for example. Along with these I'll have an auto round, a second and better auto round (with a couple Hall of Famers), a few vintage rounds and maybe some more depending on what I can come up with. Yes, $60 is high, my highest ever but then again, I wasn't giving away $100 to $200 cards. It will be worth it, I'll be making sure of that. If you are possibly interested in this one, let me know in the comments and once I get a few people on board, I'll lay out the details. Namely it will give me time to gauge interest and pull some good stuff out.


  1. I have some interest in this. Need more details before a final decision

  2. I may be interested too, those cards are sweet!