Thursday, February 17, 2011

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I say, I didn't see you there! Well, thanks for stopping by! I have but a few simple questions for you.

Do you like baseball cards?
Do you like Topps?
Do you like contests that are so easy it should be criminal??
Do you like FREE???

If you answered 'yes' to all four questions, I have the answer for you!

A contest!

That's right a contest. As some of you know, I love giving stuff away and I have thought of a really neat concept for a contest.

We who purchased many packs of Topps 2010 and 2011 know that they included an insert set each of those years showing off a card from each year of their history. Card Mom Threw Out and 60 Years of Topps, respectively. Well, I don't know about you but reprints while fun, don't capture the authenticity of actual old cardboard. So here it is:

Want a set of Topps' history for yourself? Want one card from every set from the years 1952 to 2011? If you do, then you're good to go! Entering the contest is easy. Follow my blog here if you don't already (there are 83 of you so far). Then simply leave a comment in this very post stating which year of Topps is your favorite, and a brief explanation as to why. It doesn't have to be a novel, I'm just curious as to what everyone's favorite set is. It'll be fun to see what design everyone likes best!

As far as the prize itself: one card from every year of Topps baseball. 1952 to 2011. No reprints, actual cards from that year. I would do 1951 as well but I rarely come across them. For the years 1986 to now, I did try and put at least a good player to represent that year. For all years before that, it may just be a common. A common that is over almost 30 years old though. Condition on older cards is good too. I am missing a few as of right this second but I will fill in the couple years I don't have at the show on Saturday. The cards pictured above are not what will be given away, I just needed a picture.

I will give one entry for following, one for the comment and if you feel like posting it, I'll have a third entry for that. I'll use the thingie to pick the winner. The cut-off will be Monday, when I do the Random Pack Monday post. I'll post the pack and announce the winner then. Speaking of which, I'll pick the pack this week, as I am getting low on packs to have you guys choose from.

Enter now! I can't wait to read your responses!


  1. My favorite Topps year is 1987. The value of the set may be low because of the overproduction era, but when I began collecting as a kid, I always loves the wood grain look to it and the photography is pretty good for the most part. Plus, there's a few good Cubs cards to be had.

    Following and I linked to the contest.

  2. I'm already a follower and as for my favorite set, I've recently fallen fall for the 1956 Topps set. The horizontal set is greatness and it's loaded with some sweet play at the plate action. I'll post a link later and thanks for a great contest!

  3. From my own collecting experience, I think I like the 1987 set (the first set I remember getting cards of), the 1989 set (just for the team leader cards and the Chris Sabo rookie cup card that I loved as a kid), or the 1991 Topps set (first set that I had with truly great photography). I really like this year's base set, but I'll have to wait a couple of years before I put in the same category as the above sets - I really liked the set a couple of years ago too but now I'm sick of them.

  4. My favorite set is the 78 Topps set. It was the first year that I bought packs, and the second one that I ever finished. That is why it will always be my favorite.

  5. Oh yeah, I'm also already a follower.

  6. Cool idea, it's a lot like my Topps Yankees Project!

    I'm already a follower, and while my favorite Topps set changes by the day, I'd have to say that my current favorite is 1973. The design was so simple and clean, and I love the silhouettes on the bottom of the card. I've also posted the contest on my site:

  7. This contest is AWESOME.

    As for favorite Topps design of all time...does it have to be just one?

    '59 wins in a close race with '71. '59 looks like Jack Kerouac had a beatnik friend design a card set for his fantasy baseball team.

    '71 looks like the movie "Bullitt" in baseball card set form.

    '59 beat it narrowly, just because '71, gorgeous though it is, is a fairly conventional design, whereas '59 has asymmetry, the circle window, the logos in the bottom's crazy busy, and it shouldn't work, but it does, by some cosmic accident.

    Honorable mentions go to '56, '61, '64, '67, '72-'73, '78 and '86.

    Followed, commented, and if I ever get the energy to write about cards rather than just sorting and cataloguing them, I will mention this. Seriously, it'll probably be later tonight or tomorrow, but I'll do it.

    Good luck to everyone!

  8. hmm... my fave is 1954. Why?
    Henry Aaron.

    'nuff said.

  9. You are now being followed, don't look behind you!!! and pimped @

    My favorite Topps set. 75. Yount and Brett rookies and oh so many color combinations!

  10. My favorite set is 2008 Topps. I like the white borders, the circles at the top that spell out the team name. And it was the first factory set I ever bought. And I've got 5% of the set signed. Wow, that is a really small number.

    I follow, and I'll plug shortly.

  11. I'm already a follower.

    My favorite Topps set is hard to say:

    Pre-glossy: 1991 Topps, I just like the simplicity of the borders, the understated 40 years logo, and the great photos used that year.

    Post-glossy: 2003 Topps, the blue is vibrant.

  12. As far as the looks of a set, I like the 1962 set best, that's one of the reasons I am going hard after Heritage this year.

    My favorite set though is 1986, because it is the first Topps set I ever collected as a kid and nothing beats that "My First Set" feeling.

    Honorable mention: 1953, 1975, 1976, 1993, 2009

  13. Count me in!

    My favorite set is 1978 Topps, I have a whole post about it but to be brief, it was the first vintage set I ever had a good chunk of cards given to me. It included 2 signed Nolan Ryan cards from the set. I've always had an affinity for it, even if it's not the prettiest girl at the dance.

    I've pimped the contest on my blog as well!

  14. I'm in! And I'm now a follower.

    My favorite Topps set is 1973. I didn't collect this when it came out (as it was nine years before my birth) but I'm going back and collecting it now.

    I love the design with the little baseball players in the corner. I also love it because it was the year after the first Oakland A's world series, so there are highlight cards and player cards of Reggie Jackson, Vida Blue, Joe Rudi, Rollie Fingers, Catfish Hunter and all the other greats from the Swingin' A's.

  15. Comment - check!
    Following - check!
    Plugged - check!

    Favorite Topps set - check! Oops, got carried away. My favorite set is the 1975 set. I loved it as a kid and it still holds up for me today. I just love the look.

  16. Great contest!
    1. Been following you for a while now
    2. Plug =
    3. Favorite Topps set: 1978. It came out before I was born and includes my favorite former subset: 4-player rookie cards. The rookies are excellent: Eddie Murray, Molitor/Trammell (a top-10 card in my opinion) and several other tiger RCs including Lou Whittaker, Jack Morris and Lance Parrish, a foursome that would win the Tigers' last World Series together. Plus lots of other great players.

  17. I have a special place in my heart for the 1989 Topps set, since it's the first pack of cards I ever bought. There are other sets that look better, have better cards, and obviously are worth more, but the sentimental value keeps this at the top.

    You have been plugged at

  18. Check on the comment


    Favorite Set: 1970 Topps, year I was born

  19. Hey, I am now a follower and my favorite set was 1987. I remember it distinctly from my childhood, loved the wood boarder, and it had the Mets' 1986 stats. Those are the reasons it is my favorite.

  20. 1956 Topps is my favorite, theres just nothing like it.

    Heres a link to this contest

    And I am now follower #60.

    Hopefully yo'll add by blog to your list of favotites. Thanks!

  21. I've been a follower for a long time now. You have pimped and plugged:

    My favorite set is definitely the 1979 Topps set. It was the first cards I ever bought. I love owning the set. Thanks for the COOL contest, and I hope I win.

  22. Hey, I've followed for a while, though I'm terrible at posting. But for the money, I'm a '63 Topps honk. Absolutely love the stuff.

  23. 1. 1987 Topps will always hold a special place in my collector's heart because it was the first set I truly collected and it brings me back to my youth. I Love the wooden look to the cards too!

    2. I have been a follower for a long time and I love your blog.

    3. A post plugging this, AND singing your praises. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!

  24. 1. Following
    2. Linked at
    3. My favorite Topps set was 1992. This was my first complete set. Also, you didn't have a million mediocre inserts. You had one solid insert set - Topps Gold - and that's all you needed. I yearn for simpler times:-)

  25. 1. Following
    2. Linked:
    3. Favorite set: 1984, for sentimental reasons. They were the first packs of cards I ever opened, but I only had a handful of them. When I was really into collecting in '86, the '84 cards seemed ancient and exotic. Weird but true.

  26. I'm already following and I'll do the shout out now on my blog:

    I change my mind each day on which set I like the best but right now I would say the 1960 set is my favorite.

    Very generous prize for a contest by the way.

  27. Followed, linked on my blog, and love the 1979 Topps. Why? It was the first year that I spent my own money on packs of cards. A walk to 7-11 with a buck got me 2 packs and a small Slurpee.
    Thanks for the contest bro.

  28. Terrific idea for a contest. Wish I thought of it.

    My favorite set is the '75 set. First set I collected, it's immensely colorful, and I run a blog on it.

    I'm following. I'm lousy on the plugging. Sometimes I think of it.

  29. OK, been a follower for a little while.

    I've pimped your contest on my blog:

    and since No One's Going to pay attention to his answer, I'll second Jeremy's choice.

    The 1960 Topps is my favorite because it's the oldest card in my collection, thanks to the Troll. I'll have a second one in a week or so, thanks to Dayf and his Transmogrifier trade, so that will make it a set. (two is a set, right?) And I like the looks of the set.

    It takes me back to a time before my... anything!! All you guys (and gals) picking sets from the 80's cause of your "youth" are really making me feel old here!!

    Now, if you had said to pick your favorite Topps CARD, check my blog out tomorrow Ted, and thanks again, for a GReat contest, an even GReater "trade", and just for!!

  30. 1976. My birth year set. It's my only remaining Topps set.

  31. Hmmm... this is one amazingly difficult question... but a great one at that. I'm going to go with 1983 Topps. Why? Well... I love the design, plus it contains my favorite player's rookie card (Mr. Gwynn).

    However... I feel I must leave you with my honorable mentions:

    1956: The Jackie Robinson card might just be the greatest card ever made.


    1972: The A's won their first WS championship in the city of Oakland... so the set has sentimental value.

    Thanks for the contest!

  32. 1990 is probably my favorite because its the first year I collected.

  33. 1955. I just think the design is really classy. Bright colors, well-chosen and often cheery portraits, and an action shot floating in a pastel ether.

    Cool contest. I'm a follower.

  34. Now following. I'd have to go with the 1971 Topps. That's the first year I remember purchasing cards.

    Thanks for the contest.

  35. I already follow your blog.
    Favorite Topps set: 1969
    Reasons: #1, it's the year I was born. #2, I received my first TTM autograph from Ray Washburn on his '69 Topps card. #3, it's the first vintage set that I'm trying to build.

    Thanks for the contest. Great idea!

  36. I am a follower of your blog and my favorite Topps set is 1988. The first baseball cards I ever saw were 1988 Topps. They will always have a special place in my heart. Thanks for a great contest!

  37. Very cool contest. I'll click the "Follow" button after I leave this comment.

    Favorite set is '56 Topps because my Dad and I took 20 years to hand collate the complete set together.

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  39. I'm now a follower and looking forward to reading your blog more!

    My favorite set is 1987. That was the year I started collecting and this was the first set that was purchased for me by my parents. I still get a warm feeling whenever I see the wood frame borders.

  40. 1975 really stands out, but My favorite is 1987.

    I am now a follower, and I pimped your contest over at my blog, Drinking The Orange Kool-Aid

  41. I'd have to say my favorite is probably 1978. That was the first year I followed baseball religiously, even to the extent that I cut the box scores for my favorite team (*cough* Yankees *cough*) every day, pasted them into a notebook and kept running statistics throughout the season.

    1978 is also the year I started with when I started collecting again late last year.

  42. Thanks for the contest! Now following and commenting. 1989 will always hold a special place because it is the first full set I had a complete set for. I also really liked the look of the 1993 set for some odd reason.

  43. I like 59's the best. Love the circle design and the solid color backgrounds. The cartoons on the back aren't bad either.

  44. I'm following...and I think my favorite Topps set is the 1985-86 Hockey set. But since this is about the baseball sets, I would have to say that I like the 1983 Topps set. I always thought many of the pictures were quirky and I liked the inset of the players faces. I also like the Super Veteran subset that was included. Plus, this was one of the first sets that I had in my collection after an uncle gave me some of his old cards.

    Thanks for the contest.

  45. Hey Crinkly, following and will post on the blog. I think I would have to say 1975 because of Jim Rice's rookie card. Love the vibrant colors and that it really depicts what the 70's were all about. Working on completing the set with not many to go. I could use some traders out there to help. Thanks for the contest!

  46. Been following for months.

    Though I don't own any yet, after seeing everyone post them, I've become pretty partial to 1956 Topps. So many great action shots, I can't wait to pick one up eventually.

    Here's your contest pimped:

    Thanks Ted!

  47. Already a follower.

    I'm sticking with 1953. Those paintings they used are awesome. Plus a lot of those older team logos are really cool.

  48. Really enjoy the blog. My favorite year would have to be 1975. It was the year I was born and I am just a few cards from completing the set.

    Also, this is a great contest and a cool idea that I may have to attempt myself.


  49. My favorite Topps year is 1988. Not because of the design, photography, or anything like that - but because it was the first full year I really collected cards. I bought a bunch of '87 packs, but I don't think I really collected the set quite like '88. I spent/wasted countless hours reorganizing the '88 set, sorting by team, putting aside anyone who was an all-star or would become an all-star.

  50. Have to say 1971; it was the first year we really began collecting, and had pretty much the entire set. Twins were still good then, but it tailed off for quite a while after that.

  51. I'll go with 1980 as my favorite set, but mostly because it was the first set I ever made a serious run at completing. I follow and I've plugged the contest at THANKS!!!!

  52. I follow your blog and I'll comment by admitting that as a newbie to baseball card collecting I don't know much about past editions of the Topps product, so the 2008 Topps cards are my current favorite. I like the design and it produced the rookie card for my main player collection.

    Great contest. Thanks!

  53. Followed, pimped
    and now posted.

    I love the 1982 Topps and Topps Traded sets. The Cal Ripken Topps Traded was my white whale when I was a kid. It took me about 11 years of collecting to add it to my collection. It is probably the only card that will be in my casket.

  54. My favorite year is 1991 Topps. They were the 1st baseball cards I ever owned after my best friend gave me all his doubles out of the blue. And that's how my love of cards all started.

    Thanks for the contest! I'm also a follower now as well.

  55. My favorite year is definitely 1990 Topps. I am not sure why my parents let me waste every penny I had buying packs of these cards, but I looked at them so often I had memorized where in the set each player was. I can remember spending countless hours sitting in our family room sorting through cards.

    Thanks for the contest. It was fun going back and looking through my old boxes which haven't been touched in ages. I'm now a follower.

  56. Great contest.
    I'm a follower.

    My favourite year is 71' Topps. That whole set has a simple elegance to it that I never get tired of...& the card photos make me wish I had been born just a few years earlier to take it all in.


  57. I love the 1976 Topps set. I don't know why, just a colorful, basic and memorable set. I might also add the Traded set in here too, as it was also memorable and eye catching.

  58. I'm already a follower, and as for my favorite set it has to be 1987 Topps. I have a soft spot in my heart for that set as it was the first one I ever collected as a kid, plus I just love that wood border!

  59. Great contest! I am now a follower of your site. I have written a post about it here
    As for my favorite set I would have to say 1987 Topps. I really love the 1984 and 1985 sets because they were the first that I collected, but for some reason I like those 1987 cards that I have way too many of. There is something about the wood border and the nameplate that keep me coming back for more, and now making custom cards featuring newer players on the card.

  60. My favorite set will be Topps 2002. Its the year I was born. I do not have any cards from the set yet but my dad said he would try to find some boxes for my birthday.

    We already follow you.

  61. My favorite Topps set has changed many times over the years. It started out as 87 cause that was the year I started collecting. Then I liked the 75 set best cause of it's crazy colors. Somewhere along the way I changed it to 60 cause of the horizontal cards and the multi pictures on the fronts, plus there were still crazy colors. Then I decided that 50s cards were the way to go and my favorites were 55 and 56. They kind of run together cause they are so close in deign. Right now though my favorite is 53. I like the art of the set. It is the last of the hand drawn sets.

  62. I follow! My favorite topps set is 1964. My Grandma used to let me look through the cards my uncles had collected (somebody had already cherry picked the good ones :) and I liked the simple 64's. They had orange backs too, so that was a plus! (For me)

  63. I'm following - and still very new around these parts though.

    My favorite set is the 1978 set because those cards are the first my parents brought home for me - so it's the set that got this madness (and fun) started. As I jump back into the game - just recently - I'm discovering others I really love and want to start completing - including '79 and '80.

    Yes, I know I need to step out and review some other years soon, right?

    This thread, by the way, is a great help!

    I can plug your contest but I'm so new I doubt it would be of help. Even so, I'll get to that shortly.

    Thanks for the great reading!

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  65. 1975 was may favorite year for Topps baseball when I was growing up. Just liked the two-color border and 70's look to the card. I enjoyed the MVP cards since I was into baseball history even as an 11 year old. My brother and I couldn't wait to go to our neighborhood corner store to buy packs that summer, We always hoped to pull a Pirates player. I remember chewing that awful gum enclosed. It took awhile to get it soft, and once it was soft the little taste it had was gone.

  66. I have to say the 1954 set, because as a kid I had this big piece of fibreboard that my uncle had pasted (yes, pasted) a bunch of 1954 cards on. You know, Aaron, Banks, stuff like that.
    So some of those cards are stuck in my memory (the fronts, anyways!)

  67. Such an awesome contest!

    My favorite is the bright and colorful 1972 Topps set. Gotta love innovation--In Action, Boyhood Photos, Traded cards and that crazy, bold card design unlike everything before it.

    I'm now a follower and I've also posted a blog entry about this contest on my site (I hope it helps so close to the deadline).

    Its also nice to see fellow member Fuji here. Anyway, thanks so much for the contest and your generosity!

    Andy aka SingleDaddyof2

  68. How could I have missed such an AMAZING contest?
    No matter now, I'm in.

    My favorite Topps set is the 1965 design. I like the up close yet not creepy photos and who in their right mind does not love pennants?!?
    2014 is going to be my favorite year in collecting with Topps Heritage that year to be the reprint of the 1965 set. Saving my money for cases already.

    As for the qualifications of this contest....

    Following - done.
    Comment - done.
    Plug - pending.

    Thanks again