Tuesday, November 30, 2010

warning: may cause irritation

Ok, so maybe this has been noticed before, maybe even said before. I had only just noticed it the other day. While going through my box 'o Jays duplicates, sorting them out by player, I came across this peculiar oddity:

2008 and 2009 Topps used the same Adam Lind photo. Now, I know this was commonplace in the 1960s sets, but come on Topps, you didn't take another photo of Lind in a whole year? I know thats not the truth because his 09 Bowman has a different picture. The picture is fantastic, don't get me wrong. I just think they could have at least went from a different angle or something. Here is an example of when recycled photography is alright:

2009 Chrome and 2010 Ginter Ricky Romero. Same picture, but at least they Ginterized the 2010 card. Makes it not as half-assed as it really is. Some work was put into this, as opposed to, well....nothing. Maybe the Lind was a tribute to sets of yesteryear when they used the same photos year to year? Or maybe it was a slip up and they didn't realize it until 2009 was released? Or maybe they just said screw it, he's not a Yankee, no one will ever notice. I'll leave that judgment up to you.


  1. No, it's different man. In the '09, you get to see his shoes and stuff!

    That is lazy - but I find it funny when I see Topps and Upper Deck cards come from the same photo shoot or the same action area.

  2. Have not seen this before - Nice catch

  3. Thats crazy!


  4. Laziness - very irritating - Lind and Romero are both sort of big-time players too. Lind would be a much bigger name outside of Toronto and Romero is a still a significant prospect to me.