Thursday, November 11, 2010

the (first) annual year end clearance! (part 2)

Ok, now that most of the packages are sent out and you guys are receiving them, its time for round two. This time around I have only three lots and only one of each. So that means the first three readers who claim these will get them, so long as they haven't already claimed a lot from me in the first round. Alright, here we go:

Lot# 1- Bowman and Obak. This lot contains nothing but Bowman and Obak cards. All from different years, teams etc. I don't care much for Bowman and I really don't know why I keep buying it but here it is, my Bowman collection. Obak too, I've just decided that I won't be collecting these anymore, so like Bowman, I'll stop buying the Obak.

Lot# 2- Upper Deck. This lot has a handmade 'frankenset' of nothing but Upper Deck cards numbered 1-100. This was really difficult to choose who went in where. I did have to add in about three 2007 Fleer Ultras to complete the set, and while they are Fleer, they were owned by Upper Deck at the time, so it works. I do apologize in advance if there are duplicate players in the lot, but Upper Deck likes to make small 100 card sets, and they tend to use many of the same players. Also included are some Upper Deck cards with weird numbers. Examples: AW-11, UD12, X2-DO, stuff like that, anything that isn't just a number by itself. Also added are just some random UD cards to fill out the box.

Lot# 3- Another kinda random box. This box will contain random cards that are not Topps or Upper Deck. Stuff like Donruss, Score, Fleer, etc....that about sums up that box, nothing else to say there.

There you have it. Round two is the aforementioned three lots. Three lots for three readers, no multiples this time and only if you didn't claim one previously. As with the last giveaway, please leave a comment, then send me and email with your address. Sorry, no favorite team cards included in this round. Its ok though, I've got something really fun cooked up for the extra Topps cards that I'll post soon. Thanks for reading!