Thursday, December 1, 2011

threads break part 5

Alright, here we go. The meat of the break. Here we have the beginning of the Triple Threads portion of the break. Single unity relics for this round. Oh and one more thing. We have eight rounds and seven participants. What I planned on doing was randomizing the final round due to everyone getting a chance to pick both first and last. As you've noticed what is happening with the order is that you are being moved down one slot in each round. Therefore, if you picked first the first round, you'll be picking seventh in the seventh round. Seems the most fair to me to randomize the last round, therefore it would be an equal chance for everyone to grab that top slot again, as opposed to a pre-determined order. Thanks for listening, now pick your card!

1- arpsmith- Posey
2- daddyohoho- rodriguez
3- kevin- ramirez
4- the dimwit- bell
5- cheap card collecting- roberts
6- stealing home- hunter
7- wickedortega- tabata


  1. What a cool break. I wish I'd have been paying attention as I would have jumped in for sure.

  2. Easy one for this Giants Collector. Buster!!!

  3. Brian Roberts please. I just hope there's some way I can be guaranteed to not be on the bottom of the last round because I'm picking 5th 6th and 7th in the other important triple threads rounds. It's still fine with me if it's randomed though.

  4. Yay!! Jose please!!