Wednesday, December 7, 2011

it's not over yet...

True, the break is over but there is still one thing left; the signed Hall of Famer baseball! I said in the initial post for the break that it would be randomed off to one of the participants of the break. It still will but I have a question. Should I random the names and post the winner here, or should I leave it a surprise and send it to the person picked and have them surprised when they get the package? Everyone who took part in the break, let me know if I should reveal the winner or not.

Other than finishing up the break, I do apologize for the lack of posts but this week is absolutely hectic. The wife is prepping for finals next week and things have picked up tremendously at work and I am working 2AM to 1PM shifts all week. Yes, there is apparently a 2 in the morning now. Reason being that we're still with one car. We would have had it back Saturday but ran into a snag at the DMV, so we have to try and get it back this week. So I needed to do more hours but had to drive her to work and pick her up when she is done, which wouldn't allow for more hours to be picked up. So my only option was to go in and leave with my co-worker and he does 2 to 1. Gotta do what I gotta do. So thats whats going on with the lack of posts (and more or less everything else around here, except sleep) but it should only be this and next week. I have been reading but haven't had the focus to do any posts. I do have some ideas so they will get posed eventually. So, uh, thats that.


  1. dude - i know the finals situation as well. no worries. my old lady has finals now and i'm on the other side of finals, as in having to grade it all. nuff said.
    as far as i'm concerned, you did a helluva job with the break - esp. considering everything you're juggling. thanks for all of it.
    baseball - hmmm..i vote for surprise us. i wouldnt mind waiting till i saw my double package to find out i'm the winner.
    (double package. thats gonna be my new porn name. lol)

  2. I vote for the surprise as well. This was a great break and I appreciate it, especially with all you have going on. I just hope I random better than that last round!

  3. Tis the season for surprises - great idea. Thanks again for the break.

  4. I was the lucky recipient of a 1991 All Star Game ball signed by Cal Ripken Jr. What a great holiday surprise. Thanks again for hosting such an interesting break!!

    Happy Holidays to all!