Monday, December 5, 2011

threads break, final

Yes, just like last round's Gonzalez, there are two Castros. No idea how I managed to obtain two of them but there they are.

1- the dimwit- 3x auto/relic
2- kevin- castro (star)
3- cheap card collecting- castro (avg)
4- wickedortega- gonzalez
5- daddyohoho- drabek
6- stealing home- wallace
7- arpsmith- scherzer

I have everyones info and their extra cards ready. I should have these out hopefully soon. Thanks to everyone who participated and I hope it was fun!


  1. I will go for the Strawberry/Heyward/Young triple relic auto... thanks for the break! It has been a lot of fun!

  2. Whoever ends up with the Carlos Gonzalez, I'd love to trade for it. If you don't want to keep it that is.

  3. Sure came out on the wrong end of that random but these are all some pretty sweet cards so no complaints here. Thanks for the break, it was a lot of fun and I definitely picked up some cool cards.

  4. i agree with arpsmith. cool and fun break. BTW is it me, or does starlin castros sig look like 'suck' ? i'll choose my card later, since im 6th in the order. again as arpsmith sez, there doesnt seem to be a bad pick in the bunch.

  5. Thanks for a great break, I'll go with .300 avg '10 Castro, and if that's taken, the Star is Born Castro.

  6. Great break! Can't thank you enough for running it. I'll take the Star is Born Castro

  7. Carlos Gonzalez please

  8. I will select the drabek. I agree with the other posters - great break. Many thanks for hosting.

  9. sorry to make you guys wait. work was crazy busy. i'll go with future phenom wallace