Thursday, August 12, 2010

topps bigg!

Topps Big are some fun cards. I had a huge amount of these when I was younger. The neat thing about these (and that I didn't notice until just now, looking at them closer), is they are very reminiscent of early Topps releases. Namely the 1956 set. The big cartoons on the back, the limited amount of statistics, the whole name of the player, etc. That and they are the same exact size as Topps' 1952 through 1956. I believe they put these Big sets out in 1988 through 1990. Here are the backs as a comparison;

See the similarities? Topps went retro before it was cool to go retro! Well, they have always appreciated (exploited?) their heritage, and continue to do so this very day. I've always been a fan of oddball sets, and these three years are certainly in that category. The Troll actually sent me a pack of these in a recent trade package, which was totally awesome to open up.